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Founded by Roger Hill

Friday, September 28, 2007

Benno Rothschild

DOB: 11/9/59
City, State: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Attorney
Joined CFA-APA: May, 1995 (Issue 37)
CFA-APA History: Editor from issue XX to present.
Other Publications: Is this other stuff I have written for? Only Rough Stuff and it hasn't come out yet.
Collecting OA Since: 1975
Collecting Interests: Across the board. Comic book art, comic strip art, editorial cartoon art, vintage art, new art, pinup art, fantasy art, pulp art, illustration art.
Wantlist: Al Williamson EC, Jack Kamen EC, Wally Wood EC, R. Crumb, Winsor McCay political art, a cheap Peanuts daily, and my wishful thinking is a Calvin and Hobbes piece plus a bunch of things I haven't wanted til’ I see them!
Favorite Piece of Art: (in my collection?) Hal Foster Prince Valiant page from 4/20/47. Not in my collection - either the Frazetta Famous Funnies cover with the Octopus or the Lou Fine Hit cover with the Red Bee and the Shark.
About Me: Lazy, irresponsible attorney with bad taste in clothes and wine. Divorced (almost!!) and one child - a delightful 15-year old named Amanda. Loves art of all kinds, hates long lines and coffee.
Website: I wish. was taken, but I can buy it for just $2,000 from some claim jumping asshole. CAF gallery:

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