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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ray Cuthbert

DOB: August 27, 1955
City, State: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Occupation: Minister of Religion
Joined APA: October, 1994 (Issue 35)
Other Publications: In Comic-related publications - Comic Book Marketplace (two or three articles); The Betty Pages (one article; contributing editor to Annual #2); Alter Ego (several articles); Up 'N Coming! magazine (columnist with several articles)
Collecting OA Since: 1976
Collecting Interests: Alex Raymond, Dave Stevens, Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta; and many more!
Wantlist: Alex Raymond Artwork of any kind; Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers Two-Gun Kid #60 pages; Jeffrey Jones Wonder Woman #199 cover; Dave Stevens artwork of any kind; Al Williamson Flash Gordon artwork; J. Allen St. John artwork
Favorite Piece of Art: Owned - An Alex Raymond illustration on it's way in the mail! Not yet obtained - the Alex Raymond original artwork to Flash Gordon for 8-14-1938
About Me:

Enrico Salvini

DOB: July 3, 1966
City, State: Milano, Italy
Occupation: Artists rep, Webmaster, Art dealer
Joined APA: January, 2004 (Issue 61)
Other Publications: Not since the mid-90s, when I stopped writing for Hard!; a heavy metal magazine. Been published in a few music fanzines, and had pictures published in mags and bootleg CDs.
Collecting OA Since: 1992, I think. It was before I logged on the 'net in '95 tho, since I was doing orders via fax to Mitch Itkowitz.
Collecting Interests: Original art, comics, Barry Windsor-Smith prints.
Favorite Piece of Art: That I own? The ASM 121 cover ain't bad, bat as far as artistic value goes, it's hard to say: Jean Paul Leon/Alex Ross Earth X Galactus print? Dave McKean's Death and Morpheus commissions? John Buscema's Thor & Hela commission? That I'd wish to own, pretty much anything from BWS Gorblimey Press period. Or many of his Opus new pieces...
About Me: I'm Italian and I wear a kilt, even in the moshing pit and when I stagedive. This gives you pretty much a complete picture of what you can expect... :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

John R. Stuart

DOB: 1954
Location: Canada
Occupation: Telcom Engineer
Joined APA: November, 2006 (Issue 70)
Other Publications: Comic Book Marketplace
Collecting OA Since: 1996
Collecting Interests: OA, 1960'S Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters, Modern First Editions
Wantlist: Crossgen Ruse - Covers & Interiors by Butch Guice
Favorite Piece of Art: Ruse 17 & 18 Covers

Bill Leach a.k.a. BLEACH

DOB: August 23, 1957
City, State: Oakley, California
Occupation: Visual Arts Professor and musician (drummer)
Joined CFA-APA: Joined in 1985 while first issue was being assembled. My first article appeared in issue #2.
CFA-APA History: Art Director on issues 35-52. Editor on issues 50-52.
Other Publications: Tales from the Plague (Richard Corben's earliest work), Clearlake Comix, Lake County Comix, Mendocino Comix, Sonoma County Comix, Horror From the Crypt of Fear (the only official EC horrorzine, issues 1-13)
Collecting OA Since: 1976
Collecting Interests: EC art, vintage horror stories, Basil Wolverton, XNO, Jack Davis, older comic strip art, R. Crumb, vintage magazine illustration.
Wantlist: same as interests
Favorite Piece of Art: Richard Corben's cover painting for TALES FROM THE PLAGUE (1986) where he used my face on the torch-wielding fiend. Johnny Craig's huge cover painting for Horror From the Crypt of Fear #11, where he placed my severed head on a platter. XNO's cover painting for HFTCOF #13 where he depicted me as a drooling hunchback at the hip of the sexy Drusilla.
About Me: I am a married man with three daughters. I have been an artist all my life and a drummer since age 8. I am the head of the Visual & Performing Arts department at Deer Valley High School (the 4th largest school in California). I also am on the faculty of Los Medanos College where I teach Visual Arts. I specialize in cartooning. I was awarded BEST EDUCATOR in 2005 by Sylvan Learning Center and KTVU Channel 2. I am the Antioch Unified School District's TEACHER OF THE YEAR for 2007 and recently was honored with the Regional Arts Award by the Contra Costa County Arts & Culture Commission. I compete nationally in the World's Fastest Drummer competition and also put on this same contest at my high school. Life is full....and wonderful.

CFA-APA 60 The War Artists

May, 2003

CFA-APA 61 The Fleagle Gang

November, 2003

CFA-APA 62 The Chase

March, 2004

CFA-APA 63 Humor Artists

July, 2004

CFA-APA 64 Still Going Strong

November, 2004

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Benno Rothschild

DOB: 11/9/59
City, State: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Attorney
Joined CFA-APA: May, 1995 (Issue 37)
CFA-APA History: Editor from issue XX to present.
Other Publications: Is this other stuff I have written for? Only Rough Stuff and it hasn't come out yet.
Collecting OA Since: 1975
Collecting Interests: Across the board. Comic book art, comic strip art, editorial cartoon art, vintage art, new art, pinup art, fantasy art, pulp art, illustration art.
Wantlist: Al Williamson EC, Jack Kamen EC, Wally Wood EC, R. Crumb, Winsor McCay political art, a cheap Peanuts daily, and my wishful thinking is a Calvin and Hobbes piece plus a bunch of things I haven't wanted til’ I see them!
Favorite Piece of Art: (in my collection?) Hal Foster Prince Valiant page from 4/20/47. Not in my collection - either the Frazetta Famous Funnies cover with the Octopus or the Lou Fine Hit cover with the Red Bee and the Shark.
About Me: Lazy, irresponsible attorney with bad taste in clothes and wine. Divorced (almost!!) and one child - a delightful 15-year old named Amanda. Loves art of all kinds, hates long lines and coffee.
Website: I wish. was taken, but I can buy it for just $2,000 from some claim jumping asshole. CAF gallery:

About the CFA-APA

The Comic and Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association (CFA-APA) was founded in 1985 by Roger Hill. Its membership consists of knowledgeable fans, creators, and collectors of comic and fantasy art who write about various subjects related to those genres. The group self-publishes approximately three times a year and each issue has a theme relating to a specific creator or subject. Currently, membership is limited to 40 persons at any one time and circulation is limited to 55 issues, making the publication itself highly collectible.

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CFA-APA 72 Modern Good Girl Art

July, 2007

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