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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Scotty Moore

DOB: Pre-Sputnik
Location: Marin County, California
Occupation: Consultant, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Program Management
Joined APA: January, 1995 (Issue 36)
Other Publications: Comic Book Marketplace, Gold and Silver Age Quarterly
Collecting OA Since: 1978
Collecting Interests: Hal Foster, Howard Nostrand, Arturo del Castillo, Al Feldstein
Wantlist: Nostrand Comic Art
Favorite Piece of Art: Warrior Woman painting by Philippe Druillet
About Me:

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Current Editors

Current CFA-APA editors Benno Rothschild and Dave Newton.

Dave Newton

DOB: June 5, 1961
City, State: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Commercial Artist
Joined APA: November, 2001 (Issue 55)
CFA-APA History: Editor from issue 61 to present.
Other Publications: I've had art published in Badger #47, THWAK magazine, CRACKED magazine, and various other 'zines. Also recently joined the APA Comicopia.
Collecting OA Since: 1974
Collecting Interests: A little bit of everything, from vintage to modern, from bigfoot to cheesecake. Especially into Marvel & DC silver & bronze age, EC, horror & sci-fi in general, and classic comic strips. I like a lot of stuff that's offbeat and well-drawn, for instance I'd love a Steel Claw page by Jesus Blasco. I'm also very interested in a lot of sci-fi illustrators' work who's originals I can't afford, such as Reynold Brown, Richard Powers, Frazetta (of course), pulp cover painters, etc. I'm trying to learn more about Karoly Grosz, who was Art Director for Universal Pictures during the 1930s and the main illustrator of their horror film posters of that decade...if anyone knows of any articles written about him, or even if any of his originals still exist, please let me know. I also collect pre-1970 horror & sci-fi movie posters, especially Mexican lobby cards.
Wantlist: Too much to list! (Most of it I can't afford, anyway!) However I am seriously looking for horror pages by the Filipino artist Elpidio Torres, DC horror art by Alcala, Toth comic pages
(preferably inked by him), Superman panel pages by Jerry Ordway, and any late 60s/early 70s fanzines featuring the work of Steve Fritz or any OA by him. I'm finally landing a few Drucker MAD pages, now to get a Davis MAD page!
Favorite Piece of Art: In my collection: Weird Science #12 page by Wally Wood. Outside of my collection...gee, that changes every few weeks! Lately it's been Hannes Bok's cover painting for the Robert E. Howard collection Skull-Face and Others (a painting which I think rivals the classic work of the surrealists of that period).
About Me: I've done art for t-shirts (thousands of them!), promotional posters, program covers, newspaper and magazine ads, cd covers, coloring books, coffee mugs, billboards, book interior spot illustrations, animated commercials and the (very) occassional comic book. Divorced, lifelong amateur musician, dog lover.
Website: none

Dewey Cassell

DOB: January 18, 1962
City, State: Cary, North Carolina
Occupation: Training Manager for EDS for 22 years
Joined APA: March, 2007 (Issue 71)
Other Publications: BACK ISSUE, Rough Stuff, and Alter Ego (pending). The Art of George Tuska, published in 2005. Currently writing book about Marie Severin
Collecting OA Since: 1995
Collecting Interest: I collect original comic art from books and artists that were favorites of mine when I was a kid. I have a particular predilection toward the generation of artists that includes George Tuska, Nick Cardy, Jim Mooney, Gene Colan, Marie Severin, Win Mortimer, Don Heck, and others. I especially enjoy art from Crime Does Not Pay, the World's Greatest Superheroes newspaper strip, the Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes, and the backup stories from the Silver Age X-Men.
Wantlist: My biggest "want" at the moment is a page - any page - of Don Heck Batgirl art from Detective Comics (with Batgirl in at least one panel).
Favorite Piece of Art: Wow, that's a tough one. Probably a toss-up between my one page of EC Haunt of Fear art by Graham Ingels with the Old Witch in the last panel and the splash page from issue #67 of Crime Does Not Pay where the guy is being buried alive.
About Me: I am married and have two kids - one a freshman in college and the other a senior in high school. I am an Elder in the local Presbyterian church, working with youth in Sunday School. I love movies - especially Hitchcock - and I am a fan of Star Trek. I also collect Lionel model trains. If I could pull a Shirley MacLaine, I'd like to come back as a college professor.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rich Dannys

DOB: December 21, 1962
City, Province: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Freelance Artist/Illustrator
Joined APA: May, 1995 (Issue 39) - August, 2000 (Issue 52).. Rejoined in July, 2004 (Issue 63)
Other Publications: A few obscure fanzines during the 1980's
Collecting OA Since: Started with a Kaluta Rocketeer sketch in 1985
Collecting Interests: My tastes are across-the-board, too.. But it helps if it's drawn (or designed) well. I tend towards the more "Classical" stuff. I like cartoony stuff, too.. But favour (and collect) illustrative work.. Frazetta is tops, in my book. Followed by present-day geniuses: Dave Stevens, Mark Schultz, Sandy Plunkett, Steve Rude, Kevin Nowlan, etc.. I have a weakness for classic PinUp Art.. And most especially, a predilection for material related to 50's-era Burlesque/Striptease!
Wantlist: What I want now, I simply can't afford.. Hence, I'm too cheap to pursue any
of it. I consider myself simply a dabbler in the hobby, anyhow.. And haven't really bought too much, of late..
Favorite Piece of Art: In my own collection? Probably the horned Hellboy page, from Mignola's Box Full Of Evil.. I'm quite fond of the Sandy Plunkett stuff I own, too.. Not in my own collection? Likely, any story art page that Frazetta did for the "Romance" titles; published by 'Standard' in the mid-50's.. His EC Squeeze Play pages, are pretty sweet too!
About Me: I've been a Commercial Artist, since '89.. But only began freelancing on my own, in '95; using my own corporate identity: Flying Dutchman Studios, Inc. I work mainly as a layout/design guy, in the traditional 2D animation field. But have also done some advertising design, too. In 2003, I self-published my own sketchbook entitled: WANG-DANG-DOODLE!
I'm currently unmarried. But, have fallen hard for my sweetiepie: the lovely Suzanne; who also just happens to be an Animation artist.. Some form of Wedding is definitely in our future together! I can be found posting my nonsense on various messageboards over the Internet.. But most regularly, as the Moderator of the "Instruction" section of The Drawing Board community of artists at

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stephen Ferzoco

DOB: Sept 2, 1966
City, State: Wellesley, MA
Occupation: Surgeon
Joined APA: July, 2007, (Issue 72)
Other Publications: None
Collecting OA Since: 2000
Collecting Interests: Frazetta, Jeffrey Jones, EC, Bronze age Marvel art
Wantlist: Dark Knight by Miller, EC covers, ASM covers, Byrne X-Men covers, Calvin and Hobbes dailies and Sunday strips
Favorite Piece of Art: Frazetta Famous Funnies cover
About Me:

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

David Applegate

DOB: 11/14/53
City, State: (born) Whitstable, Kent, England; (current) Chicago, IL, USA
Occupation: Trial Lawyer
Joined APA: November 1985 (Issue 3)
Other Publications: Hogan's Alley, 1506 Nix Nix, numerous legal publications.
Collecting OA Since: 1982
Collecting Interest: American newspaper cartoon strip and editorial cartoon art, 1895-date; John Byrne, Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, Steve Ditko, C. C. Beck, and various other comic book artists.
Wantlist: See above, especially newspaper cartoon strip art by Burne Hogarth, Walt Kelly, Stan Lynde, and Dick Moores; Fantastic Four and fanzine artwork by John Byrne; C. C. Beck recreations; and Sgt. Fury # 4 pages by Jack Kirby and George Roussos.
Favorite Piece of Art:
About Me: I collect, therefore I am.
Website: none