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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bill Leach a.k.a. BLEACH

DOB: August 23, 1957
City, State: Oakley, California
Occupation: Visual Arts Professor and musician (drummer)
Joined CFA-APA: Joined in 1985 while first issue was being assembled. My first article appeared in issue #2.
CFA-APA History: Art Director on issues 35-52. Editor on issues 50-52.
Other Publications: Tales from the Plague (Richard Corben's earliest work), Clearlake Comix, Lake County Comix, Mendocino Comix, Sonoma County Comix, Horror From the Crypt of Fear (the only official EC horrorzine, issues 1-13)
Collecting OA Since: 1976
Collecting Interests: EC art, vintage horror stories, Basil Wolverton, XNO, Jack Davis, older comic strip art, R. Crumb, vintage magazine illustration.
Wantlist: same as interests
Favorite Piece of Art: Richard Corben's cover painting for TALES FROM THE PLAGUE (1986) where he used my face on the torch-wielding fiend. Johnny Craig's huge cover painting for Horror From the Crypt of Fear #11, where he placed my severed head on a platter. XNO's cover painting for HFTCOF #13 where he depicted me as a drooling hunchback at the hip of the sexy Drusilla.
About Me: I am a married man with three daughters. I have been an artist all my life and a drummer since age 8. I am the head of the Visual & Performing Arts department at Deer Valley High School (the 4th largest school in California). I also am on the faculty of Los Medanos College where I teach Visual Arts. I specialize in cartooning. I was awarded BEST EDUCATOR in 2005 by Sylvan Learning Center and KTVU Channel 2. I am the Antioch Unified School District's TEACHER OF THE YEAR for 2007 and recently was honored with the Regional Arts Award by the Contra Costa County Arts & Culture Commission. I compete nationally in the World's Fastest Drummer competition and also put on this same contest at my high school. Life is full....and wonderful.

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