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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Enrico Salvini

DOB: July 3, 1966
City, State: Milano, Italy
Occupation: Artists rep, Webmaster, Art dealer
Joined APA: January, 2004 (Issue 61)
Other Publications: Not since the mid-90s, when I stopped writing for Hard!; a heavy metal magazine. Been published in a few music fanzines, and had pictures published in mags and bootleg CDs.
Collecting OA Since: 1992, I think. It was before I logged on the 'net in '95 tho, since I was doing orders via fax to Mitch Itkowitz.
Collecting Interests: Original art, comics, Barry Windsor-Smith prints.
Favorite Piece of Art: That I own? The ASM 121 cover ain't bad, bat as far as artistic value goes, it's hard to say: Jean Paul Leon/Alex Ross Earth X Galactus print? Dave McKean's Death and Morpheus commissions? John Buscema's Thor & Hela commission? That I'd wish to own, pretty much anything from BWS Gorblimey Press period. Or many of his Opus new pieces...
About Me: I'm Italian and I wear a kilt, even in the moshing pit and when I stagedive. This gives you pretty much a complete picture of what you can expect... :)

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