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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dave Newton

DOB: June 5, 1961
City, State: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Commercial Artist
Joined APA: November, 2001 (Issue 55)
CFA-APA History: Editor from issue 61 to present.
Other Publications: I've had art published in Badger #47, THWAK magazine, CRACKED magazine, and various other 'zines. Also recently joined the APA Comicopia.
Collecting OA Since: 1974
Collecting Interests: A little bit of everything, from vintage to modern, from bigfoot to cheesecake. Especially into Marvel & DC silver & bronze age, EC, horror & sci-fi in general, and classic comic strips. I like a lot of stuff that's offbeat and well-drawn, for instance I'd love a Steel Claw page by Jesus Blasco. I'm also very interested in a lot of sci-fi illustrators' work who's originals I can't afford, such as Reynold Brown, Richard Powers, Frazetta (of course), pulp cover painters, etc. I'm trying to learn more about Karoly Grosz, who was Art Director for Universal Pictures during the 1930s and the main illustrator of their horror film posters of that decade...if anyone knows of any articles written about him, or even if any of his originals still exist, please let me know. I also collect pre-1970 horror & sci-fi movie posters, especially Mexican lobby cards.
Wantlist: Too much to list! (Most of it I can't afford, anyway!) However I am seriously looking for horror pages by the Filipino artist Elpidio Torres, DC horror art by Alcala, Toth comic pages
(preferably inked by him), Superman panel pages by Jerry Ordway, and any late 60s/early 70s fanzines featuring the work of Steve Fritz or any OA by him. I'm finally landing a few Drucker MAD pages, now to get a Davis MAD page!
Favorite Piece of Art: In my collection: Weird Science #12 page by Wally Wood. Outside of my collection...gee, that changes every few weeks! Lately it's been Hannes Bok's cover painting for the Robert E. Howard collection Skull-Face and Others (a painting which I think rivals the classic work of the surrealists of that period).
About Me: I've done art for t-shirts (thousands of them!), promotional posters, program covers, newspaper and magazine ads, cd covers, coloring books, coffee mugs, billboards, book interior spot illustrations, animated commercials and the (very) occassional comic book. Divorced, lifelong amateur musician, dog lover.
Website: none

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