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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rich Dannys

DOB: December 21, 1962
City, Province: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Freelance Artist/Illustrator
Joined APA: May, 1995 (Issue 39) - August, 2000 (Issue 52).. Rejoined in July, 2004 (Issue 63)
Other Publications: A few obscure fanzines during the 1980's
Collecting OA Since: Started with a Kaluta Rocketeer sketch in 1985
Collecting Interests: My tastes are across-the-board, too.. But it helps if it's drawn (or designed) well. I tend towards the more "Classical" stuff. I like cartoony stuff, too.. But favour (and collect) illustrative work.. Frazetta is tops, in my book. Followed by present-day geniuses: Dave Stevens, Mark Schultz, Sandy Plunkett, Steve Rude, Kevin Nowlan, etc.. I have a weakness for classic PinUp Art.. And most especially, a predilection for material related to 50's-era Burlesque/Striptease!
Wantlist: What I want now, I simply can't afford.. Hence, I'm too cheap to pursue any
of it. I consider myself simply a dabbler in the hobby, anyhow.. And haven't really bought too much, of late..
Favorite Piece of Art: In my own collection? Probably the horned Hellboy page, from Mignola's Box Full Of Evil.. I'm quite fond of the Sandy Plunkett stuff I own, too.. Not in my own collection? Likely, any story art page that Frazetta did for the "Romance" titles; published by 'Standard' in the mid-50's.. His EC Squeeze Play pages, are pretty sweet too!
About Me: I've been a Commercial Artist, since '89.. But only began freelancing on my own, in '95; using my own corporate identity: Flying Dutchman Studios, Inc. I work mainly as a layout/design guy, in the traditional 2D animation field. But have also done some advertising design, too. In 2003, I self-published my own sketchbook entitled: WANG-DANG-DOODLE!
I'm currently unmarried. But, have fallen hard for my sweetiepie: the lovely Suzanne; who also just happens to be an Animation artist.. Some form of Wedding is definitely in our future together! I can be found posting my nonsense on various messageboards over the Internet.. But most regularly, as the Moderator of the "Instruction" section of The Drawing Board community of artists at

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