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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dewey Cassell

DOB: January 18, 1962
City, State: Cary, North Carolina
Occupation: Training Manager for EDS for 22 years
Joined APA: March, 2007 (Issue 71)
Other Publications: BACK ISSUE, Rough Stuff, and Alter Ego (pending). The Art of George Tuska, published in 2005. Currently writing book about Marie Severin
Collecting OA Since: 1995
Collecting Interest: I collect original comic art from books and artists that were favorites of mine when I was a kid. I have a particular predilection toward the generation of artists that includes George Tuska, Nick Cardy, Jim Mooney, Gene Colan, Marie Severin, Win Mortimer, Don Heck, and others. I especially enjoy art from Crime Does Not Pay, the World's Greatest Superheroes newspaper strip, the Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes, and the backup stories from the Silver Age X-Men.
Wantlist: My biggest "want" at the moment is a page - any page - of Don Heck Batgirl art from Detective Comics (with Batgirl in at least one panel).
Favorite Piece of Art: Wow, that's a tough one. Probably a toss-up between my one page of EC Haunt of Fear art by Graham Ingels with the Old Witch in the last panel and the splash page from issue #67 of Crime Does Not Pay where the guy is being buried alive.
About Me: I am married and have two kids - one a freshman in college and the other a senior in high school. I am an Elder in the local Presbyterian church, working with youth in Sunday School. I love movies - especially Hitchcock - and I am a fan of Star Trek. I also collect Lionel model trains. If I could pull a Shirley MacLaine, I'd like to come back as a college professor.

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